Curb Ramps

At TCB Moving Equipment we offer the Aluminum Curb Ramps and the Yellow Molded Plastic Curb Ramps and a Fiberglass curb ramp!
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M - PKR 220  Plastic Curb Ramp M - RDCR  Rapid Delivery Curb Ramp Mel - 430  Curb and Walkramp
M - PKR 220 Plastic Curb RampM - RDCR Rapid Delivery Curb RampMel - 430 Curb and Walkramp
This Plastic Curb Ramp, Weighs 9 lbs. 600 lb. capacity Light and portable, easy to handle Aggressive non-skid surface for secure footing Open surface to allow debris to pass through Strong and durable. 27" w x 27" LThe Rapid Delivery Curb Ramp has a 9 inch height range. The twin- tooth deck design offers a 26 inch usable width that provides traction in either direction and has a 3,000 pound capacity. The size of this ramp is 44 inch's long and 28 3/4inche's...This ramp is popular in the Moving and Delivery industry. It is a 4'L x 30"W and it's weight capacity of 1500 lbs. And only weighs 42 lbs. Can ship by UPS Ground.




M - ALCR Aluminum Curb Ramp
M - ALCR Aluminum Curb Ramp
Lightweight Corrosion- resistant aluminum Replaceable safety walk stripes for secure footing 2" x 5" Hand cut-out for easy handling 1- 1/4" High safety side rails 27" L x 27" W 750 lbs. Weight capacity and Weight 16 lbs.